Kedutaan Besar Inggris di Jakarta

Lowongan Kerja Kedutaan Besar Inggris di Jakarta

Kedutaan Besar Inggris di Jakarta bertujuan untuk menjaga dan mengembangkan hubungan antara Inggris dan Indonesia. Inggris dan Indonesia menikmati hubungan yang erat, dengan banyak kepentingan dan nilai yang sama. Kedutaan Besar Inggris di Jakarta adalah mitra dalam tantangan seperti terorisme dan pemanasan global, dan bekerja sama secara erat di dalam G20.

Persaingan dalam dunia kerja memang sangat ketat, kamu bayangkan dari banyak lulusan universitas atau sekolah dalam negeri yang berlomba-lomba mendapatkan pekerjaan, dan ini bukan hal yang baru, ini terjadi pada setiap tahun. Maka dari itu penting sekali untuk menjadi salah satu calon kandidat yang dicari oleh perusahaan, ini bukan berati anda harus dari lulusan universitas/sekolah negeri atau IPK tinggi.

Setiap perusahaan selalu membutuhkan calon karyawan berkualitas yang mampu bekerja maksimal sesuai job desknya, yang bisa di ajak bekerja sama dalam membangun visi dan misi perusahaan untuk kedepannya. Jadi persiapakan dalam membuat CV atau Cover letter yang benar-benar menggambarkan siapa diri anda, tunjukan bahwa anda orang yang siap bekerja dan bisa dipercaya untuk menjalankan tugas pekerjaan yang diberikan perusahaan.

Proses atau tahapan rekrutmen dan seleksi calon karyawan pada umumnya dilakukan secara bertahap yang nantinya HRD ingin mendapatkan calon karyawan yang terbaik. Mungkin Anda masih belum tau apa saja tahapannya, pada umumnya yaitu: pertama tahapan Screening CV atau seleksi Administrasi Berkas, lalu kedua Wawancara HRD, interview HRD, Wawancara dengan User, dan Tes Psikotes.

Lowongan Kerja Kedutaan Besar Inggris di Jakarta

Berikut ini ada Kedutaan Besar Inggris di Jakarta yang sedang membuka lowongan kerja terbaru untuk posisi dan kualifikasi simak dibawah ini:

1. Regulatory Reform Attaché

  • Salary : IDR 26,111,899 per month

Main Purpose of Job :

  • This is a great opportunity to deliver key components of the £25mn Economic Integration Programme (EIP), which aims to foster economic growth across the ASEAN region. The British Embassy in Jakarta is seeking a talented and enthusiastic programme manager to monitor and support delivery of the bilateral/regional Regulatory Reform pillar.
  • The Regulatory Reform technical assistance project is led by the Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) which is part of the Department for Business and Trade and aims to support the Government of Jakarta with its regulatory reform priorities.
  • The attachés will work closely the Government of Jakarta, UK businesses and UK Government colleagues in the region and UK. The successful candidate will:
    • Act as an advisor on regulatory reform, building and maintaining effective relationships with government officials and the FCDO to help identify priorities for reform and support the delivery of the Regulatory Reform technical assistance pillar.
    • Be responsible for facilitating OPSS interventions on a range of regulatory reform issues and, overseeing and coordinating technical experts during deployments to support the delivery of technical assistance.
    • The EIP is led by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). There are 2 planned interventions for Jakarta – one in Regulatory Reform and the other in Intellectual Property. The successful candidates will work collaboratively and will be based in Jakarta.

What the Jobholder will be Expected to Achieve:

Leading on oversight of regulatory portfolios in Jakarta :

  • Ensuring synergy with other UK programming and activities in country.
  • Avoiding over-laps between regulatory and capacity building programmes by demonstrating awareness of current and planned regulatory policy and enforcement activity of the Government of Jakarta.
  • Making evidence-based decisions, informed by the needs of the Government of Jakarta, to prioritise topics that the OPSS UK team should focus technical assistance on.
  • Contributing to project planning and reporting on delivery progress, value for money and emerging risks.

Proactive stakeholder management :

  • Building strong relationships with the Government of Jakarta and third-party implementers securing agreement on complex areas of technical assistance to be delivered within this programme.
  • Represent the UK HMG when communicating complex information on regulatory policy with senior officials of the Government of Jakarta.
  • Facilitating stakeholder meetings and workshops, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among all parties involved.
  • Reassessing the ongoing commitment to programme activities, planned outputs and outcomes.
  • Avoiding wider duplication through awareness of other donor activities in the same space.

Planning and coordinating the delivery of the technical assistance aspects of the Regulatory reform pillar :

  • Planning and coordinating the delivery of OPSS technical assistance programme.
  • Act as the local representative for OPSS International Delivery, engaging and advising government officials on regulatory reform.
  • Identifying areas for further cooperation by developing an understanding of role that regulatory reform can play in economic development and how this links into the UK agenda on prosperity and development.
  • Responsible for the storage/ownership of intellectual property developed.

Resource management :

  • Responsible for organising events to facilitate workshops and training, within budgets provided, ensuring good value for money.
  • Responsible for managing personal expenses, remaining within budgets provided, when travelling on duty or facilitating events.
  • Monitoring and reporting on expenditures.

Essential qualifications, skills and experience :

  • Able to work independently and in a team
  • Ability to meet deadlines with strong attention to consistency, detail, and quality
  • Ability to travel if needed
  • Excellent negotiating and influencing skills, both in order to win confidence and to deliver outcomes across a wide range of Government departments and business stakeholders
  • Confident and able to tailor messaging to the local context
  • Able to engage and build credibility with a diverse range of international stakeholders

Language Requirements :

  • English/Bahasa Indonesia
  • Level of language required: Fluent English | Working level of Bahasa Indonesia needed

Desirable qualifications, skills and experience :

  • Experience/knowledge of economic policy/regulatory reform
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in project coordination
  • Previous experience of working in an international environment with a proven track record of delivering results across government organisations
  • Broad knowledge of how workings of UK Government or international donors
  • Relevant project management qualification/knowledge of programme management principles
  • Degree in law, public policy, economy or related field
  • Graduate with at least five years of experience in a relevant field

2. ASEAN Programme Officer – United Kingdom Mission to ASEAN

  • Salary  : IDR 15,389,102 per month

Main Purpose of Job :

  • This is an exciting opportunity to join the UK Mission to ASEAN (UKMis ASEAN), providing maternity leave cover for seven months.
  • In August 2021 the UK became the first new ASEAN Dialogue Partner for 25 years and in August 2022 we agreed the first ASEAN-UK Plan of Action, setting out how the UK and ASEAN will collaborate over the next five years. We are now in delivering a range of new ASEAN-UK development programmes which will help to deliver the commitments in the Plan of Action and bolster UK development assistance in the region.
  • As ASEAN Programme Officer, you will play a critical part in managing and delivering two of our programmes in particular – ASEAN-UK Women, Peace and Security Programme (WPS) and ASEAN-UK Economic Integration Programme (EIP). You will be responsible for supporting on all aspects of programme delivery – including managing the programme finances, liaising with implementing partners, organising programme governance and supporting monitoring and evaluation.
  • You will be the ‘Programme Responsible Officer’ (PRO) for the WPS programme, which means you will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the programme, liaising with our implementing partners, and reporting directly to the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) and Head of Development. For the EIP programme, you will support the EIP PRO as required to ensure smooth running of all three pillars of the programme, which cover financial services, regulatory reform and trade.
  • This is a great opportunity for a candidate with experience of programme management, especially in the international development sector, looking to build more skills and experience in a fast-paced and supportive environment. There will be opportunities for learning and development, with support provided throughout from a range of programme and subject specialists.
  • We are also looking to recruit people who can work flexibly across the wider mission, to cover gaps, gain new experience, and stretch into new areas of responsibility as required.

The FCDO’s organisational culture :

How we approach our work is important. The How We Work Statement (below) sets out the ambition we share across the FCDO for how we lead and behave towards each other, how we make decisions, and how we get the job done. Some aspects may be particularly relevant to this role.

  • We put respect and kindness first. We are inclusive, we get to know each other, and value our diversity and the contribution we each bring. We are fair, act with integrity, and tackle inequality and unacceptable behaviour. We work together and take responsibility to solve problems.
  • We draw on the expertise, insight and diverse perspectives of people across the FCDO, HMG, and beyond. We use the best available data and evidence. We are open to challenge and take a sustainable, long-term approach. We are transparent about the rationale for decisions and smart about taking and managing risks.
  • We are agile and alert to emerging opportunities. We encourage learning, innovation and use of data and digital. We are all clear on what we are expected to deliver and support each other in doing so. We look to reduce duplication and unnecessary process. We are committed to transforming both the FCDO and the way HMG delivers international policy.

What the Jobholder will be Expected to Achieve :

  • Programme management. Work with technical experts in the region to support all aspects of programme management including programme governance, monitoring and evaluation, risk management and programme reporting. Ensure that programme activities all comply with UK programme management rules.
  • Financial Management. Programme budget management using FCDO financial systems and tools. This will include forecasting; review of project activity-based budgets and monitoring spend; review and payment of invoices; spot checks on delivery partners as necessary; responding to financial commissions.
  • Procurement and Contract Management. Work with commercial colleagues and the relevant programme responsible officer (PRO) to support any necessary procurement processes, for example to secure programme implementing partners. Support the PRO to set up and manage contracts with external suppliers.
  • Stakeholder Management. Build strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders. This will include policy leads and technical experts in the UK Government, programme implementing partners, programme beneficiaries, and counterparts in the ASEAN Secretariat.
  • Communications. Draft communications materials about ASEAN programming as required. Support the UK Mission to ASEAN and colleagues in the region to present and communicate our programme activity to external counterparts.
  • Support wider FCDO programme delivery in the region where required. You will provide programme management advice to teams across the region and work closely with both regional and country technical advisors.
  • Work with the FCDO Indo-Pacific Regional Department to capture and disseminate learning and best practice from programming, raising the profile of our work and supporting the improvement of programming across the region.
  • The exact coverage of the role will need to respond to the requirements on the team at the time of commencement and you should be open to change and flexibility.

Resources Managed (staff and expenditure):

  • No line management responsibilities currently envisaged

Essential qualifications, skills and experience :

  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English
  • Programme and financial management skills, with experience of applying these in the international development sector
  • Experience of working with commercial suppliers and managing commercial contracts
  • Excellent organisational skills and ability to juggle competing priorities, including the ability to manage multiple projects concurrently
  • Strong ability to build relationships, collaborate with partners across government and external stakeholders
  • A proactive approach and a focus on continuous improvement, with an appetite to work with others to simplify processes and improve efficiency

Desirable qualifications, skills and experience : 

  • Previous experience of working on economic development or women, peace and security issues
  • Previous experience working with ASEAN or government officials in the ASEAN region
  • Awareness of UK government structures and processes

3. Deputy IT Support Officer

  • Salary : IDR 9,053,362 per month

Main Purpose of Job :

  • The Deputy Information Technologies Security Officer (DITSO) is a key position providing a wide range of first-level, high quality technical support and customer service within the Embassy, particularly related to IT and telecommunication. Jobholder will be in charge of the Indonesia Network’s IT systems, telephone, and other communications systems.  The successful candidate will have an important role helping design and implement IT policies, ensuring compliance by users with relevant rules and best practice, ensuring business resilience and continuity, regular maintenance and repairs and developing IT skills of staff and how they can best use the technology to improve business outcomes.
  • The British Embassy also provides a shared services platform for a number of different government departments and is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The successful candidate will need to oversee the delivery of the MOU, in the IT systems, telephone and communication systems across different government department.
  • The successful candidate will need to have good analytical, interpersonal skills, possesses customer services mind-set and be open to helping, supporting colleagues and answering questions they may have.
  • Salary cited is indicative, depending on candidate’s qualification and experience.

What the Jobholder will be Expected to Achieve :

IT responsibilities as the Deputy IT Support Officer (DITSO)

  • Responsible for all IT network operations at post (Official and Standalone networks)
  • Problem solving for Official network issues as possible under security regulations
  • Management of the standalone network at the Embassy and official Residence (Wi-Fi and LAN), setting up users and monitoring the usage
  • Administration of the Embassy telephone system; setting up new staff, problem solving, reporting faults etc.
  • Crisis preparedness and response role
  • Training and mentoring staff on how to best utilise computer, telephony and VTC systems
  • Maintaining inventories and ensuring Security Operating Procedures are understood and enacted
  • Assist the ITSO with monitoring and managing the annual budgets for IT, following policy to ensure value for money
  • Perform procurements, requisitions and purchase orders according to FCDO guidance’s
  • Provide basic administrative/clerical support to procure goods and services in line with Embassy policy to achieve value for money, mainly on IT and office machinery equipment
  • Monitor and provide first simple reports on telephone costs and manage the inventories of equipment

Essential qualifications, skills and experience :

  • Strong IT skills (MS Teams Application, networking, hardware and services) and experience in IT support, with particular emphasis on computers but telephony and VTC technology
  • Related working experience for a min of 2 years
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision
  • Must be able to travel for short period to different locations. Travels are currently reduced adjusting to the pandemic
  • Fluent English (essential) & Bahasa (desirable)

Desirable qualifications, skills and experience :

  • Excellent problem solving and customer service skills
  • Flexibility, personal resilience and capable of solving problems
  • Strong skill on MS Teams administrator
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Required behaviours :

  • Changing and Improving, Delivering at Pace, Making Effective Decisions, Managing a Quality Service, Working Together

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