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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Darma Henwa Tbk Maret 2020

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PT Darma Henwa Tbk (Company) was established as a domestic investment company (PMDN) bearing the name of PT Darma Henwa pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia, Deed No. 54, dated October 8, 1991.   

In July 1996, the Company changed its status from domestic investment (PMDN) to foreign investment (PMA) company as Henry Walker Group Limited acquired the Company’s majority of shares. In January 2005, the Company changed its name to PT HWE Indonesia and finally to PT Darma Henwa Tbk in 2006. Under the name PT Darma Henwa Tbk, the Company then became a publicly listed company in 2007, listing 3,150,000,000 (three billion one hundred and fifty million) common stock on Indonesia Stock Exchange with the ticker code DEWA. 



  • Bachelor Degree from Civil or Mining Engineering.
  • Having experience for minimum for 10 years: 5 years as managerial level.
  • Good knowledge of HSE procedures, mining process and budgeting process.
  • Ensure and be responsible for the implementation of SMK3 & SMKP.
  • Identify and submit the competency development plan of subordinates.
  • Develop and establish the best strategic policy in commercial and strategic contract mining management in accordance to Company's vision, mission and strategy.
  • Having POU certification, FINON certification.
  • Expert in managerial and leadership skill, handle negotiation, Coaching & Counseling

How To Register

  • If you interested to fill these positions, please send your CV to : [email protected] with the subject as proposed position before 15th April 2020
  • Please be aware of certain frauds or misinformation regarding recruitment advertising on behalf of Darma Henwa. We never ask for any payments whatsoever from applicants or candidates during the recruitment process. We never ask applicants or candidates to use specific travel agent services to make arrangements for transportation and accommodation during the process.